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Sep 30, 2012 1:00am EDT
around the state haven't been hit by the fees? >> look, stephan, the deal here is that, there's regulation actually makes it worse to the people who can afford it the least. of course the person who, the $3 atm charge doesn't matter, doesn't matter. it's going to 5 bucks and 5 bucks and takes it away from people who have the least money. sam they think on checks and bounced fees, et cetera. you know, it's always wonderful, in the word of doing well and making things right they've actually screwing the little guy and hurting the poor person, which none care. >> the poor version, they are going to pay less than fees, i'm going it turn that around and i think it was in general, the higher network banker who will gain the free checking and didn't need it so to say and i don't know if it's the best twist. >> okay, well, gary b. let me ask you, what's next? what fees do you see next? >> well, i tell you what, i think there's going to be fees riddled throughout the financial sector, you know, whether it comes to higher atm charges, you know, we talked about the check fees and brenda,
Sep 1, 2012 5:30pm PDT
not going away. stephan jefferson cal loses the opener 31-242 straight losses by cal to nevada. a stunner in berkeley today. new era at penn state football 2012 90,000 + watching bill o'brien is coaching debut. second half, and nice floater lance and he takes a din. penn state loses a 24-14 during >>> two-time national champion urban meyer with ohio state trailing miami of ohio, >>> touchdown! >>> eye-popping grab devon smith one handed. ohio state rolls 56-10. meanwhile notre dame planning in dublin, ireland irish up against navy, on defense it is george atkinson the third running for fighting irish, he finished with 99 yds, he took a backseat to this guy, he was at the u.s. open at the olympic club security guide them but had his moment irish when 50-10. here's a giant column did not waste time as september ball rolls today 11 year veteran making his giants debut in chicago top of the first hector sanchez has his jersey grazed by the pitch sandoval's course to make it 1-0, next up down the left-field line posey and pans and sanchez wave din, a great weather is start bases clearing doubl
Sep 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
yard td. extra point good. tied at 24. fourth quarter, under a minute to play, here's stephane jefferson. two-yard td run. wolfpack lead. last chance for the bears. maynard finds harper but he is popped inside the 30 yard line. fumbles. nevada wins 31-24. >> there's too many mistakes. communication breakdowns. we didn't take care of the football well enough. key penalties. certain situations we make big plays. just we weren't sharp. we couldn't get off the field defensively and we got early in the game we had too many third and long situations. you can't win a kpam being in third and 15 or third in and 14 and third an 12. some of that was self inflicted. >> let's head to the diamond for the giants and cubs. xavier making his giants debut. bottom of the first and bases loaded. this is how you do it. three score to make it 4-0 giants. that was enough for tim. johnson going to swing that bat, sir? anthony welcome to the big league. g men win 5-2. >> got better as we went and got the ball down better. great effort. good to see them throw like that. >> overall content with the way t
Sep 15, 2012 11:00pm PDT
they get closer to the rangers on the west. 20,000 at the coliseum tonight. they erupted with stephan drew home run his fourth of the year but oakland on the board. josh reddick drops one to left. coco crisp tis the ball game. yoenis cespedis up the metal jonnie gomes cores a's up 3-2. they add insurance off of the bat of chris carter. five runs in the fifth they win 5-2 forget about the wild card their two games behind the first-place rangers in the west. giants and diamondbacks. buster posey goes the other way maybe the best in the big leagues #224 buster. one run for strikeouts this gets justin up and. barry zito with 12 wins. a great throw to gun down the runner and a credible throat. two outs brandon crawford on the outfield grass gets the out at first. giants win it 3-1 magic number attend. and a jal official locked out at tomorrows birthday today that maybe all you see of him, current nhl bargaining agreement expires no new agreement reached during training camp supposed to start next week the last time the was a lockout was the 2004/2005 season which was wiped out. everything in ht
Sep 6, 2012 11:00pm PDT
are talking about it. >> reporter: now, we just learned olympians kerry walsh and maggie stephans have tweeted out in support. >>> it was a gruesome crime that shook up the bay area. now, the punishment. a suspect is facing 32 years behind bars aftered a midding to being part of a group that gang-raped a 16-year-old girl at richmond high school. the attack happened in 2009, at a dance. today, 22-year-old manuel ortega pled guilty. he's one of six men charged in that attack. according to police, the girl was punched, kicked and repeatedly sexually assaulted. ortega is going to be sentenced on october 19th. >>> there was no red carpet or spotlights on an opening film. nearly two years of the deadly pg&e explosion in san bruno, comes a documentary about that night. nbc's bay area's jean elle joins us from redwood city where many of the survivors were invited to the screening. >> reporter: survivors of that blast say the film, "trial by fire," captured many of the horrors of that night. >> and the other house was on fire. >> reporter: the real-life nightmare of the deadly pg&e pipeline explosion i
Sep 23, 2012 9:00am EDT
, with your sports minute. starts with gio go zo lenzalez s 200th strike out. and a huge game for stephan digs. finishes with three catches for 113 yards and two touchdowns. let's go to blacks burg. this one was not even close. logan thomas throws for two touchdowns and runs for one as the hookies win big. to the nfl after opening with a winning season, the washington reddskins return home to fedexfield today to face cincinna cincinnati robert griffin iii is excited. >> it's going to be fun, the preseason opener, there was a lot of people there, it was fun, but it's not like the regular season when it matters. the fans will show up and we'll show up for them. >> that's your sports minute, i'm carol maloney, hope your sunday is a good one. >> today you can learn more about what some people feel are the future of cars. the group is offering rides in electric cars from nis sarks an, toyota, and others. people can also learn about the benefits of electric cars. it goes from 10:00 to 4:00 today in front of the capitol. and general motors is offering big discounts to those that take vang of -- advan
Sep 3, 2012 4:00am EDT
. meanwhile, france stepped in to rescue its latest lender. stephane has more details. how bad -- clearly, things have got bad. how much do they have to put in? where does the money come from? >> yeah. we knew the situation was difficult, especially since moody's last week downgraded the bank by three movps. the bank is not a regular bank. it doesn't have any deposits from clients, therefore, its only financing itself from the markets. since it's been downgraded last week, the situation was more tense. the government, reporting a source close to the rescue is going to underwrite nearly $5 million from immediate funning. the state guarantee would riech around 20 million euros to stop making new loans, which is suggesting that the french government sew going to scale down the operations from france and perhaps will not even look for -- the bank has been looking for potential buyers for weeks, but wasn't able to secure a deal including with the negotiations collapse after a couple of weeks. the eif credit is a mock gauge lender with around 33 billion euros in assets. the bank will have to re
Sep 30, 2012 7:00am PDT
in the bay's" stephane pedrazzi reports that chief medical officer from 2012 olympic games is co-founding a bay area program to help kids keep from being sidelined permanently. >> reporter: this 16 year old is no stranger to concussions. it's the ones he doesn't remember that scare him and his family the most. >> the whole day was a blur. i don't remember much of it. >> reporter: he may not remember a brutal hit during a lacrosse game last spring but his mom hill never forget. >> the guy hit him from underneath and he just fell back. he was out. >> reporter: the concussion sidelined vinny for eight months. >> he basically took it easy but not the kind of easy that maybe he should have. >> physical rest is just as important as mental rest in allowing the brain to recover. if we do that at the beginning, we're shortening the recovery and reducing the risk of longer term problems during the school year. >> i knew if i got one more bad one, i was pretty much done. >> reporter: that's exactly what happened when he returned to the lacrosse field this spring. >> i got hit from behind. i
Sep 26, 2012 1:00am EDT
and not vote. that's what they're hoping. that's why you have to fight it every day, stephan. >> the 47% of the american people who mitt roey decided mp friwhhed lie about in a thought only his super rich friends were listening have now taken over the presidential campaign. >> what he said is not my job to worry about these people. well, whose job is it? ladind gtl, were brother's keeper. we are one nation under god. we are all in this together. and if the 47% doesn't make it, the country esn't make it. >> in tonight's nate silver >> in tonight's nate silver updatef the new york times blog fraufts that on november 6th president obama will wen 312 vos d mitt romney will th25es hha ofniaskeckp to 80%. joining me now is krystal ball. senator turner it's all about ohio. we keep saying no return has every won the presidency without oh. what is your sense of the prident's lead in ohio right now? it seems to be just outside the margin of error. w lncio cenle t t and we celthat by the frequent visits by the president here and by governor romney. his team trying to make up for their 40%. you kno
Sep 4, 2012 8:00am PDT
, deputy campaign manager stephan stephanie cutter defended the president, saying what he was trying to convey is that the nation is moving forward, but that there is still a lot of things that he still wants to get done. but i should point out, the president has used this before in terms of giving himself an incomplete grade before. most recently in may when he sat down with the ladies of "the view" on abc, used the very same grade when they asked him that question. but when you start saying that so close to the election, republicans are jumping all over this. we are seeing the rnc sending around a lot of e-mails. the romney campaign as well sending a lot of e-mails, saying this is evidence that the nation needs new leadership. >> so dan, just when you were saying that, that this colorado reporter, you know, went after the president on this whole notion of are you better off now than you were four years ago -- it's the every year campaign question, no matter what president is in office. but there were missteps over the weekend. there was a cleanup effort yesterday and now i'm gettin
Sep 19, 2012 4:00am EDT
opened 166 new stores, mainly in emerging countries. >> all right. thanks for that, stephane. joining us in the studio is the director at mintell international. how much of a standout is it? >> it's doing fantastically well. it understands fashion. even in different times, the young are prepared to spend on fashion. they want to do that. and they go to the stores that suit them best and serve them best. >> quite a contest with the french connection. down to 96. they're saying the same stuff. >> i would disagree, sir. >> they're so close. >> the point is it understands fashion and french connection doesn't. until french connection can regain that touch that it used to have for fashion, it really is lost. i mean there are all sorts of other problems with that business, but ultimately if you haven't got the right merchandise -- >> yesterday we had on the program modi operandi. people are paying full price. i wonder if we're not seeing the split of the retail segment. strengthened super high end with innovative techniques, this direct online to customers. we're seeing strength in the innovat
Sep 15, 2012 5:00am PDT
they are. he's gone -- >> george stephan nap poe louse. >> the overall position has been we will accept the israeli red lines which are the notion of nuclear capability on the part of iran. he's at times pulled back from that. that his advisors have gone out. i agree with eli it hasn't been consistent. >> his red lines were the weapon which is the exact red line of obama. >> his advisors came back after that again and said we would not allow nuclear capability. and that's a hugely different level of threat. there's a threat when you say red lines at all because it undermines the possibility of diplomacy, but when you -- >> why wouldn't it enhance the possibilities of diplomacy? >> among other things, the congress is making it very difficult to be real diplomacy. there haven't been real discussions, real diplomatic discussions yet. let me just say that the notion of having red lines is inherently dangerous in my view. but when you have a red line that says, we will prevent a nuclear weapon is one thing. when you say we will have -- we will use military force to prevent nuclear capability
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)